5 Things to Know Before Buying a Forklift on Craigslist

buy a used forklift on craigslist

Forklifts are a big investment, and oftentimes when looking for a deal, some decide to go second-hand. A popular search for used equipment is Craigslist forklift pages.

There are many reasons why Craigslist is a great marketplace that connects individual buyers and sellers, however, there are a couple of pitfalls. Here are some tips and tricks to finding the right forklift deal for you on craigslist.

Beware of Shady Sellers

Craigslist is a direct buyer-to-seller marketplace. This means there is truly no vetting on either end. Nothing in Craigslist must be verified – one’s identity, type of post, the item being sold, the condition it is in, and more.

Additionally, the barriers to listing items on Craigslist are very low, with the cost of a Craigslist ad being literally zero dollars.

This lack of regulation is one of the things that can foster an incredible deal, but it can also be a pitfall when searching for Craigslist forklift deals.

When a buyer isn’t vetted you never know what you are getting when you show up to your meet-up.

 It could definitely all check out and the product could be exactly what was described, but it also could be a grab for cash, an over-promised product, or an untrustworthy seller looking to offload the equipment.

To prevent this, it is always important to have a phone call first to ask questions about the machine and its condition, and to meet the seller on neutral territory.

Risky Equipment

Certified second-hand equipment dealers have their name and reputation on the line each time they make a sale; therefore, it is not in their best interest to sell risky equipment.

Be careful when purchasing a forklift on Craigslist that the seller does not have this attachment to reputation, or potentially any backlash to selling risky equipment. 

Forklifts are potentially dangerous machines when operated in nonoptimal conditions, posing a big risk to buyers. That brings us to our next point: get an inspection!

Get an Inspection

Although it might be taxing to drag a mechanic out to a Craigslist meetup before your purchase, it is important to get the machine checked out before cash is exchanged. If you or a friend can’t do it yourself, remember that a forklift is a heavy piece of machinery that can not only be pricey but dangerous. Whatever your needs may be, safety is a top priority. It is wise to get your potential new machine inspected so you get an idea of what kind of wear and tear it has on the engine and other parts.

No Technical Support

Without buying from a dealer, there is no way you will receive any sort of technical support on your Craigslist forklift purchase. That is pretty risky considering that many certified used machinery dealers offer technical support on their used machines.

 If you are looking for a short-term deal or can maintain a forklift yourself this could be profitable. However, if something goes haywire, you may be looking at hundreds or thousands of dollars of repairs and a big headache soon after purchasing if you have to find your own forklift mechanic for problems that arise.

It’s Always Negotiable

One of the biggest benefits of buying a forklift from a direct buyer-to-seller marketplace is potential low prices. However, remember that everything on Craigslist is negotiable. It is important to be an advocate for yourself and to ask for a lower price than the listing. Usually, the seller will be agreeable to some sort of price reduction or will haggle with you.

How We Can Help

At used-forklifts.net, we are experts at connecting buyers with used forklifts. We only use certified, reputable used machinery dealers, which helps buyers avoid the risks of dealing with marketplaces like craigslist. It saves time, effort, potentially failed equipment, future maintenance costs, and more when you work with us.

We use our vast network of connections to find the best certified, safe forklift deals for our clients. To browse our inventory, get a quote, fill out our quick form here. We look forward to helping connect you with your next machinery purchase!

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