When Do You Know Your Forklift Needs Service?

When you use a forklift regularly, you want it to perform to its optimal efficiency. To do so it is crucial to know when your forklift needs service. Any piece of heavy machinery requires regular maintenance and upkeep work to keep it running smoothly and safely for your operators and project.

Additionally, heavy machinery is a significant investment. It is vital to regularly service your forklift to make sure that you notice larger problems that arise. If you do this, it will extend the life of your machine, keep it in better condition, and potentially help you get a better return on your investment.

Tell-Tale Signs that Your Forklift Needs Service

Forklifts should have a visual and safety inspection every day before their operation (especially if you bought a used forklift). Some tell-tale signs that your forklift needs service can be found during a visual inspection. 

First, high emissions. If there is odd colored smoke coming from the exhaust system, or a strong odor, this can indicate high emissions, a sign that your forklift needs service. Checking for leaks or cracked and brittle hoses within or underneath the forklift is also important during a visual inspection.

If you pay attention to the engine while operating the forklift, it might show you a few signs if a forklift requires service. Rough idling or hesitation during acceleration, the engine turning over slowly, or the engine temperature exceeding normal temperature ranges can all be signs that your forklift’s engine may need to be examined and serviced.

Another couple of signs that a forklift needs to be serviced can be found by the forklift operator performing standard daily driving operations. First, if the brakes are making noise, locking, or are inconsistently breaking. 

This is a sign that your forklift’s breaks need to be inspected. Breaks are a simple fix, but are imperative to the safety of your operations. Another sign of maintenance needs is the forklift’s ride. If the forklift is riding harshly, or more rough than normal, the tires may require replacement. 

Often, with heavy machinery, tires have uneven wear or wear beyond their capabilities. They may need replacement more often than originally anticipated.

Lastly, a couple of signs that your forklift needs maintenance and servicing can be found when operating its lift functions. If your forklift is responding slowly to lifting commands and functions, it could require maintenance. 

Key indicators of required maintenance include a slow hydraulic or mechanical response when using the lift, tilt, and attachment functions. Mast assembly binding, upright, or carriage assembly can also require regular maintenance if the lift chains, bearings, or mast shims are worn beyond their specs.

If you ignore these signs that your forklift needs service, it will only make the problems worse. Continuing to operate a forklift that needs maintenance simply exacerbates the problem, increases the safety risks, and makes it exponentially larger when you get around to having your machine serviced.

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