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Phoenix Forklifts

Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the US, and one of the country’s most rapidly growing metropolitan areas. The influx of Phoenix’s growing consumer population has led to a rapid expansion of warehousing space. All those consumer goods from groceries to furniture, and everything in between need to be properly stored somewhere. 

If you need to add to or update your forklift fleet for your warehouse in the Phoenix area, we’d love to be your guide to the used forklift market. New forklifts can be an unnecessary and costly purchase. Buying a used forklift instead is a much more budget friendly option to getting reliable equipment for your operations. 

When you shop with us, you get valid quotes sent right to your inbox. No more time spent driving throughout the phoenix area hunting for used forklift deals. No more money wasted on gas or taking you away from your work duties. When you buy a forklift from one of our local Phoenix dealers, you can do so without even leaving your office.

The entire process takes no more than five minutes

How it Works

Our process has just three straightforward questions, accompanied by three one-click answers. It takes no more than five minutes. Much quicker and simpler than shopping for forklifts in person, and without the headaches of dealership sales floors. Here’s what we need to know to send you the right quotes for the right equipment, from the best used forklift dealers in your area.

What kind of forklift do you need? The category of “forklift” is broader and covers several types of heavy equipment used to lift and carry material and personnel. Do you need a sit-down forklift, pallet jack, or order picker for your warehouse? Or do you need a heavy duty lifting truck such as a scissor lift or telehandler? Or do you need an even more specialized forklift? Whatever kind of forklift you need, our dealers have it in stock.

Next, we need to know whether you want quotes on used or new equipment. We urge all of our customers to consider buying a used forklift whenever possible. Buying used is a great way to save money, and our certified used forklift dealers have a large selection of great pre-owned forklifts, but sometimes you need to buy new equipment. 

The last thing we need to know is what kind of lifting capacity do you need your forklift to have? Do you need light lifting of less than 10,000 lbs? Moderate lifting of 10,000 to 20,000 lbs? Or heavy duty lifting of loads that are greater than 20,000 lbs?

That’s it. Just three simple questions in five minutes or less, and you’ll have the dealers coming to you for a change.

When to Buy Used & When to Buy New

Most customers want to know whether they should buy a used forklift or a new one. So here’s the answer – it depends. Specifically, it depends on what often you will be using your forklift and what you will be lifting. 

If you plan on using your forklift, scissor lift, order picker, or telehandler for an occasional lift at a light to moderate load capacity, buying used is the way to go. It will save you the unnecessary expense of buying new equipment. Our partner dealers in Phoenix have the right used equipment for you, at the right price, that will last for several years

However, if you need your forklift to lift heavy loads, throughout the day, five or more days a week, then you will want to buy a new one. When forklifts and other heavy equipment are used for frequent heavy lifting, they wear and tear more than normal use. 

We match you with forklift dealers near you based on what you are looking for. 
The entire process takes no more than five minutes

Available Equipment

The forklift category covers more equipment than just sit-down forklifts for your warehouse operations. Pallet jacks (motorized and manual), order pickers, telehandlers (fixed boom and rotating), and scissor lifts also fall under this category. No matter what your equipment needs are, big, small, or in between, our Phoenix area forklift dealers have the solution. Any fuel type, and across the entire spectrum of lifting capacities. 

Take the hassle out of finding the right used forklift at the right price, and let the dealers come to you.

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