What is a Forearm Forklift?

Have you ever wanted to lift something heavy at your house but didn’t have the strength to do it? What about lifting something too awkwardly large to carry? If you have had these needs, a forearm forklift might be for you!

Sometimes we don’t have the right tools, such as dollies, industrial forklifts, or simply the muscle power to be able to lift and move the things we need to from time to time. This is why you might need a forearm forklift!

forearm forklift

What is a Forearm Forklift?

A forearm forklift is a set of straps that are designed to use leverage to make carrying and moving large and heavy items much easier between two people. The ergonomic design encourages correct lifting techniques that reduce strain on the body, and injuries that can come from lifting heavy weight, or repetitive lifting. The straps are usually about nine feet long, have multiple loops on the ends, and are adjustable in order to carry any size load you wish.

To use this tool, you must thread the straps underneath the object that you wish to move. You and your moving partner will put your arms through the loops, resting them on the middle of your forearms. From there, you time it together and lift the object, using your free hands to steady the object.

Most forearm forklifts are rated to carry up to approximately 800 pounds and make the items you are lifting seem 66 percent lighter than their actual weight due to the shifting of the leverage point and the suspension of the object.

Advantages of Forearm Forklifts

There are many advantages of forearm forklifts. First, they are cheap. At an average price point between 20 and 50 dollars for the set of straps, forearm forklifts are affordable. Due to the low financial investment, it is a great tool to purchase and have around the house in case any need arises.

Second, they can save you from a potential injury. Heavy and repetitive lifting is hard on the body, no matter what age or fitness level you are at. It can strain your back, knees, joints, and more, even if you are in tip-top shape or have a bodybuilder’s muscles! This tool can help you reduce the wear and tear that lifting heavy items takes on your body.

Third, they can save you time and effort. By making your lifting load 66% lighter, using lifting straps can decrease the effort you put into moving objects, which increases your stamina and ability to lift objects repetitively. Additionally, ultimately this tool can save you time. By decreasing the strain and effort, you will be able to carry out your moving tasks far easier with increased speed. This reduces the overall time that you will spend on the whole moving process.

When Can You Use Forearm Forklifts?

Lifting straps are designed for non-professional movers for at-home use. They are truly created to make the average person much stronger! These tools can be used to do any heavy or awkwardly sized lifting you desire, with much less effort.

Using this tool is ideal for moving furniture, heavy boxes, mattresses, drywall, home appliances, and more. It makes any move much easier and can help save having to call a mover each time you need to rearrange the furniture. While you still need a bit of strength and a good buddy, a forearm forklift definitely takes a lot of work out of rearranging furniture, moving kids into college, or any heavy lifting needs you have.

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