5 Simple Forklift Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Forklift Running

A forklift is a powerful tool that warehouses and manufacturing facilities use to move heavy loads. They are often used in distribution centers, factories, construction sites, and even on farms.

The one thing all forklifts have in common is the need for maintenance. Proper forklift maintenance will not only keep your forklift operating at peak efficiency but it will also save you money down the road. In this post, we’ll cover five forklift maintenance tips that will keep your forklift working great.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

The intervals of the regular forklift maintenance you need to perform depends on how often you use your forklift. If you use it on a daily basis, then we recommend scheduling forklift maintenance at least once per month.

A daily inspection is also recommended if your forklift moves very heavy loads or operates in harsh conditions such as outdoor construction sites.

Spend the Money. Save Your Forklift.

It may seem like a lot of money upfront, but forklift maintenance is important for safety reasons and will save you money in the long run.

When done correctly, it can also extend your warranty so that when something does break down, you’ll be covered by the manufacturer.

How You Can Save Money on Maintenance

There are a couple ways to save money on forklift maintenance. One way is by scheduling your service before the recommended date or mileage. This way you’re only paying for what needs to be done instead of any problems that have come up through neglecting your forklift maintenance.

You can also ask your forklift maintenance contractor about service memberships that will allow you to pay one monthly fee for all your forklift maintenance. 

What to Look for During Forklift Maintenance

There are several things that may need to be inspected when you’re doing a forklift maintenance check. These include:

  • Belts – If your forklift’s belt is frayed or broken, it will need to be replaced before you can use your forklift again.
  • Brakes – A faulty brake is a safety hazard and can stop the forklift from moving at all if not repaired quickly.
  • Lubrication – Lubrication ensures that your moving parts remain smooth and prevents them from jamming. 
  • Hoses – Hoses carry fluids such as coolant from a reservoir to your engine in order to prevent overheating. They can crack over time so it’s important to check them regularly.
  • Wiring – Inspect the wiring to make sure that it has not been damaged by fraying, overuse, or exposure to harsh conditions such as rain and snow. If re-wiring is needed, you may want to have a more experienced forklift mechanic do this work for you.
  • Tools – Make sure you have all of the tools needed for any repairs or replacements that may be necessary. This will save you time and ensure efficiency when you’re onsite doing maintenance work.
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Preventive Forklift Maintenance

Another way to save money is by keeping up with your preventive forklift maintenance. These are things you can do yourself without having to take your forklift in for service. If you have a full time maintenance manager, they should be able to perform these preventive measures with ease. Here are some of the most common preventive forklift maintenance tasks:

  • Change filters (air, fuel, and oil) regularly.
  • Keep your forklift clean so that dirt and debris don’t get into the internal parts such as your engine, brakes, or transmission which can cause it to run less efficiently or have parts break down sooner than expected. 
  • Check fluid levels monthly so they don’t get too low.
  • Regularly inspect your tires for wear so you can replace them before they become flat or worn out completely. If your forklift’s tires are worn or flat, your machine will operate less efficiently and it poses a safety hazard, especially when working outside on a construction job site. You will need to replace them before operating your forklift again.

How You Can Save Money on Maintenance

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